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The path to having flawless skin has never been clearer and easier. With Malimex Body Cream you can easily get rid of all imperfections in the most natural, organic and ache-free way, while leaving your skin nourished and hydrated in the process.

  • Safe and cruelty-free

    We have bees to thank for the production of the wonderful Manuka honey found in the product. The entire product is made in a cruelty-free way and is vegan.

  • Manuka honey

    Honey has a very long history as an effective natural ingredient for treating skin and hair. The most effective honey in the world is the Manuka Honey, used in this cream.

  • Organic ingredients

    Our natural and organic ingredients take the guesswork out of choosing a product, because there are no mystery products in it, just ones supplied by mother nature.

There are more than one reason to choose Malimex Body Cream


The beauty of this cream is that it serves more than one purpose. Aside from moisturizing your skin deeply and keeping it soft and smooth throughout the day, it also gets rid of imperfections is a safe, natural way.

For eyes, face and body

The structure of this cream is so gentle that it works for skin from the most gentle to the roughest and driest. You can use it on your gentle skin face as well as the rest of the body, including on your feet and hands.
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Product description

  • Natural, organic, nutrient rich cream
  • Uses powerful top-grade Manuka honey
  • Healing, botanical ingredients
  • Soothes and renews the skin at a cellular level
  • The cream penetrates fully to work inside, not on top

About our product:




Aloe vera

Shea butter

Coconut oil

Blue green algae


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